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How to Gain Weight Fast?

How to Gain Weight Fast

Obesity and increased weight are major problems, on the other hand, some people are unable to gain weight. Due to the low weight, people make fun of them, apart from that they also suffer from malnutrition.
But do not worry, there are some domestic ways through which you will gain weight in just a few months. At the end of the day, you will see great results in you if you follow my below-mentioned points. So let’s get started.

How to gain weight fast
How to gain weight fast

Home Methods to Gain Weight

Potato (How to gain weight fast)

Add potatoes to your regular diet. Potatoes contain carbohydrates and complex sugar which helps in increasing weight. For this, you can eat potatoes in any way, but try not to be over-spilled.

Ghee (How to gain weight fast)

Ghee will also help you to increase your weight because it has a good amount of saturated fats and calories. You can also eat ghee by eating it with sugar, but keep in mind that the quantity of ghee is limited.

Raisins (How to gain weight fast)

Eat a handful raisin every day. Doing so will increase your weight fast. Soak it overnight and eat this first in the morning on an empty stomach, the weight will definitely increase.

Egg (How to gain weight fast)

Eggs will do the magic for you because it contains all the micronutrients in enough quantity. It is a primary source of protein. It contains good fats, which will surely help you to gain weight. If you eat 2 whole eggs daily then you don’t need to take any multivitamins supplements as it contains all essentials multivitamins and minerals that your body needs. but keep in mind that eat eggs in moderation, overeating of eggs can lead to serious health problems.

Banana (How to gain weight fast)

The best way to increase weight is eating a banana daily. If you consume bananas daily, the weight will definitely increase. Bananas contain plenty of calories that not only give energy to the body but also helps in weight gain. Banana can also be eaten with milk, besides you can make banana shakes.

Almond (How to gain weight fast)

Almond is also very effective in weight gain. For this, soak 3-4 almonds in water overnight and grind it the next day and drink it with milk. Do this daily for at least one month, the results will be amazing.

Peanut butter (How to gain weight fast)

Weight can also be increased by peanut butter. How can you eat it, like putting it on a bread or with a roti? Peanut butter contains high calorie as well as carbohydrates.

Enough Sleep (How to gain weight fast)

If you don’t have enough sleep (Around 8 to 10 hrs), then you might not be able to gain weight and on the other hand, it is said that by taking enough sleep,  the weight increases, then it will be considered a joke, whereas this is true. When people sleep enough i.e. sleep for at least 8 hours, their body will get relief and when they get relief then whatever they eat, they will definitely show the effect on their body.
• Eating nuts such as peanut or dry fruits with milk will also help you to increase the weight, but keep in mind that you should consume it all in a  limited amount. As you know, an excess of everything is always bad. It should not be that you get sick while gaining weight.

Beans (How to gain weight fast)

Apart from beans and beans eating rajma and pulses will also increase the weight. Lima beans and soybeans are more effective for gaining weight. therefore it is important that you eat regularly with your meals. the amount of fiber in addition to carbohydrates and calories in the beans is quite large, and all these elements help to gain weight.

Pomegranate (How to gain weight fast)

By drinking pomegranate juice daily, the weight grows rapidly.

Gram and dates (How to gain weight fast)

If the thin people eat dates with gram, they do weigh very quickly.

Walnuts and honey (How to gain weight fast)

Adding raisins to the milk also increases the weight by eating it. Apart from this, if the honey is eaten in the walnuts on a daily basis, then you will see great results in a few days. You will feel confident as you are now gaining weight gradually.

Things to Avoid (How to gain weight fast)

• Many people try to eat junk food heavily to gain weight, but this is not the correct way to gain weight. Do not eat junk food at all. Apart from this, do not eat anything that is not digested. or you feel bloated or uncomfortable after eating junk foods.
• Apart from this, many people also take medicines and protein supplements to increase obesity or increase weight, but are they healthy? You will be able to gain weight by medicines, but after that, there will be problems in the future, which will be the side effect,  and it can damage your internal organs if you don’t know how to use these medicines or dietary supplements. So this is not a correct way to do it. Eat clean food or simple “Ghar Ka Khana”. It is a good choice for you.

Pay attention - (How to gain weight fast)

Increasing weight is not an easy task nor is there any fixed way to do it. Some people have obesity or low weight genetics, so if you do not gain weight even though these methods, do not torture your body and contact the doctor. It is of course that if the above-mentioned measures are done regularly, it will definitely be beneficial to gain weight in a proper way.

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