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How to be fit In winter season? 10 Minute winter exercises

10 Winter Exercises

Nowadays the level of pollution is increasing in the atmosphere. Not only this, but the lifestyle is also changing day by day. Everyone is living a stressful life. Having so much stress is affecting both the body and the brain. Exercise provides relief from stress and also protects against body related diseases. If your routine is busier, you should still do some exercise for a while. There are some exercises which can be included in everyday life by taking a 10-minute target.

wnter exercise
wnter exercise

Exercise for ten minutes

Stretching (Winter exercise)

Exercise should always start with stretching. For this, start with rotating the hands in a circular motion, second, rotate your neck, third, rotate your shoulders forward and backward After that, move your body right-left by opening the legs in width. It all comes in stretching. Doing so will warm up your body. After this, start 10 minutes of exercise.

Plank (Winter exercise)

Plank comes first in 10 minutes of exercise. While doing this, the body does not have to shake, it has to be held in the proper position. First of all, come in the pushup position Then straighten the legs and waist. Keep in mind that your waist does not bend between this Try to keep it as straight as possible, stay in this position and try to stop breathing while doing it. If possible, lift one hand or one leg in the air to make it more effective. Take this exercise for a minute. This exercise strengthens your stomach muscles (inner core muscles) and increases the body's flexibility.

Pushup (Winter exercise)

Start pushup after Plank. It is better to have a mat or you can just do it on a solid floor. To start doing push-ups,  First, lie down on the mat with abdominal support. Keep in mind that this time the body is not tilted, but it is absolutely straightforward. The whole body weight should be on the hands and feet. The knees should be straight, not folded. Then lift the whole body in the air and bring it down. Breath out while you lift your body up and breathe in while bringing the body down. Push-ups strengthen your chest, abs, hand muscles, spinal cord. They also increase your stamina.

Lunges (Winter exercise)

For this exercise, first, come in the standup position and bring your legs in the hips line. After that move one foot forward. Remember, while doing so, your feet are at 90 degrees and your waist is straight. Keep the hand in the posture of comfort and putting emphasis on the ground and returning to the vertical position. Now move the second leg forward and return. Keep in mind that the body has to be straight, or else there may be a pain in the waist. Do this for a minute. This exercise is very effective for the lower part of your body. This exercise strengthens the muscles of your thighs.

Squats (Winter exercise)

This exercise maintains the balance of your body. First of all, open your legs to the width of the shoulders and stand firmly on the feet. Then slowly come down to the sitting posture. Think like you are sitting on the chair. Your feet and knees should be in the same direction while squat down and your waist should be straight, hands facing towards the front. Then lift yourself up slowly. Do this for a minute. The squat strengthens the knee, hips, thighs, such as the limbs under the waist. This exercise is very important for the stomach too. Now break 10 seconds.

Abs (Winter exercise)

Next exercise is abs after taking a short break. In this exercise first, lie on the back of your waist. Then fold both the knees and raise your body in half air, then come back in the starting posture. Keep in mind that while raising your body, take your breath away and take breathing while you take your body down. Make this count 10 times. Then bring the upper part of the body in the same posture to the knees and then take back. Count up to 10 Take this whole process for a minute. This puts emphasis on your abuser. Part of the same exercise is Lower Abs In this exercise, you lie down in your position and lift your legs in the air and make them up and down. This exercise targets your lower abs. And do 3 sets of 12 reps. For this, we twist the upper part of the body. It can take the ball back. Hold the ball with your hands and move side-to-side. This exercise will work on some of your internal organs. Do this whole process for at least one minute.

Buttocks bridging (Winter exercise)

In this exercise, you lie down right on the mat. Turn the knees and keep the hands on the floor. Then make the bridge shape by lifting your hips upward in the air, then bring it back down. While doing this exercise breathe while you go up and breathe while you are coming down. This exercise strengthens the muscles of your hips and thighs. Take this exercise for a minute.

Reverse Fly (Winter exercise)

Lay down on the mat on the mat for this exercise. Then lift both hands in the air towards the front, as well as lift your upper body part in the air. Keep the body straight, then gradually bring your body down to the previous posture. After doing this for a minute, push the body upwards with both hands. This will make your body stretch.
By doing all these exercises, you can see the difference in a month.

Where to exercise (Winter exercise)

Exercise in any season is beneficial for the body. But especially you should exercise daily in a winter season because in this season we sweat less. Therefore, exercise should be done more often inside the home, garden, gym, or wherever you like to do. But do it for sure, so that you can sweat and reduce fat too. If you exercise outdoor then you have to take care of temperature when exercising under the open sky.

Who can do this exercise (Winter exercise)

Anyone can do a 10-minute workout, but there is a small difference in the age group. For example, there are light exercises for children. Youth should do high-intensity workouts and middle-aged people have to do low-intensity workouts. It also depends on your body's stamina. Some middle-aged people also do high-intensity workouts. At 10 minutes exercise can do all. This exercise is heightened only make your body and mind, agile. These exercises even prevent heart diseases in winter. But keep in mind that there is regularity in exercise so that you get the full benefit out of it. Wear clothes according to the need for weather protection.

Precautions (Winter exercise)

  • Whatever exercise you do,  do every movement of exercise in a proper way.
  • Take special care of posture in the exercise.
  • Keep in mind the time of breathing in and breathing out.
  • Eat apples or bananas or almonds half an hour before exercise. This will not make you feel weak during a workout.
  • At the time of exercise, keep a water bottle, towel with you.

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