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The symptoms, causes, Prevention and treatment of Tuberculosis TB

The symptoms and causes of Tuberculosis TB

Tuberculosis TB
Tuberculosis TB

TB or tuberculosis is an infectious disease and it is a disease that eats inside the person if it is not treated at a time, this disease is very dangerous TB The disease is known by many other names, such as tuberculosis, but it can also spread through the lungs to other parts of the body such as bones, Lymph glands, diseases of the intestine, urine and reproductive system, skin, and membrane on top of the brain etc.

And the main symptoms of this disease are more than three weeks of continuous coughing, fatigue, and weakness in the body etc. And this disease is so much more dangerous than 5 to 6 million people worldwide are affected by this disease and every year 10 to 2 million People die from it. In every three deaths in the country, two patients die due to tuberculosis. 

Every day forty thousand people get infected, but many of the awareness campaigns have been launched to get rid of this disease and it has been very successful today. Today we will give full information about this disease and tell you how to avoid this disease.

Types of TB - Types of Tuberculosis (TB) 

TB disease is not of one type, it is of two types of disease.

Latent TB - Initially the disease begins, the body does not know and it does not show signs of illness, but if not treated at the time, it can become active TB.

Active TB - The symptoms appear very quickly within it, the lungs are infected with active TB. This disease can spread to others too.

Symptoms of TB - Tuberculosis (TB) 


Tuberculosis TB
Tuberculosis TB

TB is a disease whose symptoms appear in many days and gradually the problem becomes increasingly difficult in the body. Many say this symptom does not appear for several weeks and those who have latent (TB), No symptoms of TB are felt, but when Latent TB turns into active TB, then it becomes more dangerous and it is the portion of the body which is the more difficult part.

TB affects the respiratory system most commonly, so patients suffering from TB may experience many symptoms related to the respiratory system such as coughing, blood or mucus, or frequent coughing, etc. and pain while breathing and also symptoms. Can appear as:

• Weight loss begins to occur.
• Chest pain starts to occur.
• There is unexplained fatigue.
• Hunger stops.
• Muscle damage is detected.
• Feeling breathless.
• Sweat in the night
• Mumps occurs  with a cough
• Fever comes again and again.

Many such symptoms start to appear but TB may also be according to a different organ, such as TB usually affects the lungs, but it can affect other organs like the kidneys, spine, and the brain.

T.B. Due to disease

Tuberculosis TB
Tuberculosis TB

The biggest cause of TB disease is the bacteria called Mycobacterium Tuberculosis when it goes to someone's body for any reason, this disease can occur and this bacteria can be sneezed in the air, by breathing songs, by coughing, etc. There are many more reasons to go as if:

• The disease of kidney disease can be a disease.
• Immunosuppressive therapy.
• People using neutral intravenous drugs can get this disease
• In a crowded area, this disease can occur.
• The organ transplant has been done
• Diabetes patients can have this disease.
• If you are drunk all day and eat some
• Younger children or elderly who have weakened immune system
• Stay in close contact with an infected person for a long time
• The person infected with HIV may be suffering from this disease.
• The disease of head and neck cancer can be a disease.

TB Prevention - Prevention Of Tuberculosis (TB)

TB bacteria are often in the body but it does not become effective from good immunity and does not have TB so keep your immunity good and eat good food for it, especially with protein nitrates (soybean, pulses, fish, egg, paneer Etc.) should be careful to avoid visiting overcrowded places. Do not stay in low light and dirty places, and take care of some things like:

1. Stay away from the TB patient. Keep a distance of at least one-meter distance.
2. People who have TB should stay away from the crowd
3. If you live with someone who has TB, then ask them to follow TB treatment instructions.
4. TB patient should be in the airy and well-lit room. Let the air in the room come. Open the windows by running a fan so that the bacteria can get out.
5. People with tuberculosis should use a respirator;
6. TB patient should wear a mask
7. If you work in a place where TB is untreated patient, use face masks.
8. Wearing a mask, covering the mouth and using ventilation in the room can also prevent the spread of bacteria.
9. Do not spend more time in a closed room with the person who has TB, until the person is treated for at least 2 weeks 
10. Those who have TB should not contact any person for 3-4 weeks of treatment.

Treatment of TB - Tuberculosis (TB) Treatment

Treatment of TB by a doctor is done by killing bacteria by antibiotics, and treatment of TB for many days and infant, child, pregnant women and those whose immune system is weak, have given some general medicines.

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